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For over 40 years, Freyco Produce has been a family owned and operated business located in southern Indiana.

Attention all inbound trucks!
Use exit Hwy 241 from Hwy 41 at the Decker IN. exit. DO NOT travel on Mays road!

Desvío a Freyco Produce. ¡Atención a todos los camiones entrantes! La autopista 241 está cerrada en su conexión con la autopista 41 ¡NO repito NO viaje por la carretera de Mays Road! * Gire hacia el este en E Stokley Road (County Road 1150 S), que se encuentra a 2 millas al norte de la autopista 241. Viaje hacia el este 1 milla hasta la señal de pare. Gire hacia el sur (derecha) en Old Decker Road. Continúe hacia el sur durante 1 coma 5 millas hasta la señal de pare. Gire a la derecha (sur) en la autopista 241. Freyco se encuentra a 0 coma 9 millas a la izquierda.

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Détour par Freyco Produce. Attention à tous les camions entrants ! La route 241 est fermée à sa jonction avec l’autoroute 41 NE PAS répéter NE PAS voyager sur la route Mays/ Mays Road.  *Tournez vers l’est sur E Stokley Road (County Road 1150 S) qui est situé à 2 miles au nord de la route 241. Voyagez vers l’est 1 mile jusqu’au panneau d’arrêt. Tournez vers le sud (à droite) sur Old Decker Road. Continuez vers le sud pendant 1,5 miles jusqu’au panneau d’arrêt. Tournez à droite (sud) sur l’autoroute 241. Freyco est situé à 0,9 miles sur la gauche.  

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High-Quality, Fresh Produce Straight from the Farm

At Freyco, we oversee acre upon acre of farming operations across multiple states in the U.S.. This allows for a constant supply of produce in the growing seasons to keep our loyal customers coming back for more. Specializing in watermelons and pumpkins, we have found that the best way to produce a high-quality product is to personally supervise every aspect of the farming process from planting and growing, to harvesting and shipping, to ensure that it reaches your family's table safely and punctually.

The best summer memories are when slices of watermelon are shared with friends and family.

Our specialty pumpkins will embrace your home with the colors of the season.

We take food safety seriously. Check out our current certificates.

Our logistics trucking line, Bulldog Transportation Systems, ships nationwide.


The juiciest, sweetest first bite of summer.

Every year, our watermelon fields get busy throughout the country in Florida, Georgia, Indiana, and Illinois. Serving up sweet, seeded and seedless watermelons to our buyers, we ensure our produce exceeds the food quality standards. 

From the giant picnic-sized, to the smaller personal-sized variety, our watermelons are sure to provide the juiciest, sweetest first bite into your summer.

Picking the perfect melon

Picking the perfect melon.

Give it a lift

Lift up a firm and symmetrical melon that is free of bruises, cuts, and dents. Since about 92% of the melon's weight is water, it should feel heavy for it's size. When compared to a melon of the same size, the heavier one will be more ripe. Avoid melons that are lighter than those that are smaller, that means the melon is old and has started to lose moisture

give it a look

Look for the "field spot" on the belly of the melon. The area should be yellow with vein-like webbing that indicates the melon is sweet and ripe. Unlike some other fruit, watermelon will cease to ripen once picked.

give it a thump

Thumping a ripe melon with your knuckle should produce a deep and hollow sound - a "pong"  Underripe, the melon will have a high-pitched resonance - a "ping".

    Fun Facts About        Watermelons

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Whimsical pumpkins bring seasonal appeal.

    At Freyco, we grow a variety of fun and unique pumpkins that are sure to add a splash of character to any fall display. With a broad assortment of sizes, colors, and shapes to choose from, there is a pumpkin suited perfectly for every scenario.

    Our traditional, giant-sized, brightly-colored carving pumpkins will add the perfect amount of spooky mystique to your haunted decor.

    With the versatility of a swiss army knife, and the whimsical appeal of a timeless fairy tale, everyone's favorite winter squash comes in clutch every time.

Our pumpkin varieties

Varieties :

  • One Too Many
  • Blue Doll
  • Moonscape
  • White King
  • Ritz
  • Mr. Fugly
  • And Many More
Safety First, Always

Safety is the most important measure of our product.

    With a focus on cleanliness, safety, and sanitation, our Food Safety Manager oversees the operations of all our packing locations to ensure that the produce complies with all food safety standards.

    Rinds or not, all produce should be washed. According to the FDA, all produce should be washed with clean running water with clean hands as well as having clean knives and cutting surfaces to reduce the spread of germs.

Freyco's Go-to

Bulldog Transportation Systems, Freyco's go-to logistics company.

    We have teamed up with Bulldog Transportation Systems to move our produce. As our exclusive logistics company, Bulldog will manage and move all our products quickly and efficiently to ensure your delivery gets to you on time anywhere in the contiguous United States.

Give Them a call at (229) 302-4800
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Decker, IN (HQ)
Lenox, GA
Hazelhurst, GA
Wauchula, FL
Lawrence Co., IL

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